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Joseph Woodworking is fully capable of managing your high-end remodeling projects, from start to finish. From our in-house team to our professional and experienced sub-contractors, we provide only top quality results. Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail go into each and every project. The jobs are started and completed in a timely manner, by finishing one job at a time, and by being on the job personally to install and manage each project we are awarded.


We appreciate the fact that people work on budgets. As a result, we often work with clients to “value engineer” projects to achieve a balance between their desires and budget constraints. Our projects are consistently completed on time and on budget, delivering a top quality, cost efficient and functional project to our clients.


Our clients are kept in the loop on each and every project, and are a very important link to the success of their projects. We welcome and encourage our clients/owners to play an active role in the project in regards to the design and important decision making aspects of their projects.

Boutique Kitchen, Gold Coast
Calcutta Borghini Shower, Gold Coast
Guest Bath Remodel Rift Oak Vanity, Winnetka IL
Library/Study, Gold Coast
Basement Kitchenette, Inverness
Powder Room, South Shore
Guest Bath Remodel Caesarstone Shower, Winnetka IL
Butler's Pantry, Gold Coast
Guest Bath, Gold Co
Guest Bath, South Shore
Family Room, Gold Coast
Maid's Bath, Gold Coast
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