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Architectural repair or restoration is another craftsman’s tradition kept alive by Joseph Woodworking. We can fix or replace almost any missing or damaged part to your period furniture, heirloom family treasures, or reclamation project. Maintaining the value and integrity of your antiques is our primary concern.


Whether you are trying to match an existing finish, or simply want a new look, Joseph Woodworking excels at providing a quality finish for your project. Our state-of-the-art finishing facility enables us to provide a wide range of both color matching and refinishing services. For jobs where removal is not an option, our team of experts is skilled at on-site work, either on a single piece or a whole room.

Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room
Restored 1915 Baldwin Baby Grand Piano
Joliet Central High School, Side Entrance
Lobby Restoration, 3150 N. Lake Shore Dr

Having our own in-house finishing facility sets us apart from our competitors. Because we are able to control our finishing, we are able to produce a better product on a timetable that we determine. We offer every type of custom finish imaginable, all beautifully protected under a conversion varnish topcoat, the finest finish on the market today.

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