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defined as: unique windows & doors

Joseph Woodworking manufactures and installs historically correct reproductions of existing wood sash and doors. Whether the sash are double hung, casement, or other; whether your doors are exterior, interior, or need to meet new fire safety codes. We can fabricate what you need to meet your landmark status requirements.


For wood sash, weather-stripping, adjustments, sealing, and glass replacement on existing sash are also available. We also offer both wood and aluminum custom screens.

The Powhatan, Chicago South Shore
Joliet Central High School, Side Entrance
Interior Lobby Door, 20 E. Cedar Chicago
Joliet Central High School, Interior
1500 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
Joliet Central High School, Main Entry
999 E. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago
White Oak Entry Door, Private Residence Wilmette
Temple Shalom Entry Doors, Chicago
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